The Importance of Getting the Best Meal Prep Containers

Let’s talk about the best meal prep containers in the UK (not even bias) I don’t know about any of you, but growing up through the 90’s on reflection was so wasteful – living in the stone age with no meal prep containers.

Fast forward to today and there is a new kind of chaos, this comes in the form of the dreaded ‘food container drawer’ that every house in the UK seems to have.

Somewhat of a graveyard of the containers of Christmas past. Broken lids, lids that don’t match, melted lids, too small or too big and oh my god the frustration this has caused me and if you are reading this – probably you as well – is overwhelming, but alas, we have a solution.

The best meal prep containers in the UK that don’t break the bank brought to you by Benergy Meal Prep. We have gone through every test with our meal prep containers to ensure that they really are the best on the market and that they won’t let you down!

The testing of our meal prep tupperware containers included:

  • Throwing them at walls
  • Washing them 100 times
  • Filling with water and shaking vigorously
  • Putting in bags and throwing the bag (trauma from a spag bol incident on the way to work – please don’t ask)
  • Eating our meals from them everyday
  • Microwaving
  • Repeating the above WAY too many times!

Meal Prep Containers UK

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that the single best thing I have ever done is invest in quality meal prep containers. The container graveyard is no more and it really is a new era of meal prepping made easy.

Benergy Meal Prep was founded on the launch of our other business, Benegy Foods. With the success that we saw in the business came a severe lack of time and the solution was the meal prep. We were using bad quality containers in the beginning before the revolution.

We are meal preppers and we wanted everyone else to not have to go through the trauma and just genuine disappointment of containers opening in bags, leaking and just in general a grim experience because meal prepping is the best way of life and we couldn’t live without it. 

So, we ordered a BUNCH of containers and I mean alot of containers. We used every single one of them with our ultimate meal prep container testing method outlined above and then we took the plunge and invested in our meal prep container business.

Since then, the rest is really history, we sold and sold and had such great success that we decided to go ahead and try to become the number one for amazon meal prep containers and we are so certain that you will get there as our product is genuinely flawless.

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Our amazon meal prep containers keep you on track as they are reliable and high quality. Simple as that, they keep your food fresh, they stack, they do every single thing that a good meal prep container should and if you don’t believe us, then just try them out yourself and you will not be disappointed.

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