Microwaveable containers

Microwaveable meal prep containers

Why not start your road toward healthy living by implementing some simple and effective meal time changes using convenient microwaveable containers? They are perfect for use again and time again in both commercial and residential kitchens since they are reliable, strong, and safe.

You may easily pre-prepare a variety of excellent and nutritious dishes with our microwave safe containers, so that they will be ready for your busy week.

Microwave safe meal prep containers provide a simple solution for both storing and transporting pre-prepared meals, heating and eating meals. Our containers are suitable for both individuals and families.

microwavable containers

Are our microwaveable containers right for you?

Any cook who is short on both time and money can benefit from using microwaveable meal prep containers, which enables them to prepare a tonne of delectable and healthful meals in advance! Meal prep containers have many benefits, but they are most helpful when it comes to saving time and money. They are especially handy if you live an active and busy lifestyle.


You may cut costs on your weekly shop and avoid building up high restaurant costs by buying healthy foods in bulk and employing batch cooking techniques to fill up your meal prep containers. Meal prep containers can help you lower your portion sizes and switch to a healthy diet in addition to saving your family money on groceries.


Set portion amounts will make it simple for you to plan your meals each week, ensuring that mealtimes are always organised whether you’re eating in or bringing a lunch to work. Meal prep containers are ideal for transporting a wide variety of products safely. They can be used to store fruit, vegetables, meat, and seafood.


Not to mention that you may use the correct meal prep containers for both cold and hot food if you make the right choice. Our microwave tubs are a common container in many kitchens because of their practicality and durability so why not give them a try? 


It’s crucial to use containers that are built from just the most robust and resistant materials if you want the most strong meal prep containers that can manage various food temperatures as well as any bumps in the road. 

How much food fits in our microwaveable food containers?

Our microwaveable food containers hold up to 1 litre of food, if you’d want some basic advice on choosing the proper size meal container. This larger meal prep container will usually satisfy the normal appetite and can motivate the cook to cook the proper portion sizes, which is helpful if you’re looking to eat more calories.

How many meal prep containers do you need?

To get ready for the upcoming work week, many meal prep lovers prepare bulk meals every weekend. They will need five containers—one for each day of the conventional working week—and will often concentrate on either preparing lunches or supper. However, this will inevitably depend on each person’s schedule and tastes.

Can I Freeze my microwaveable meal prep containers?

When properly frozen, the food inside will keep its flavour and nutritional value for several weeks. Because of this, you might wish to utilise a number of our microwaveable meal prep containers for long-term freezer food storage and a set of five containers for the fridge to hold your weekday meals.


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I live by myself so do a lot of batch cooking, with several batches going for storage in the freezer. These meal prep containers are great for all types of food, I even store dry foods in them. Great buy.

– Wendy Smith –

Very handy containers for meal prepping as I bring them into work throughout the week. I have had them for a few months now and no sign of wear!

– James Adams –

Very happy with these containers. Fair price too!

– Lauren Grey –


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