Benefits of Meal Prepping

The benefits of meal prepping are endless really – we live and swear by it and for good reason.

Meal prepping can simplify your week in a variety of ways. There are so many reasons to meal prep, but here are a few that we think are the best reasons to start meal prepping today:

Give Yourself the Gift of Time with Meal Prepping

Planning out your meals for the week means that you will always have something to hand to eat. The grab and and go with the extra feel good that you made it yourself. If you are a busy person, then meal prepping is for you. Think of all those trips to the shop for bits and bobs to make a last minute lunch or dinner, that time is valuable and can be easily gifted back to yourself. Oh and if you are like us and HATE dishes, with meal prep, there are a lot less –  FACT!

Save your hard earned money with meal prep

Meal prepping saves money, there is absolutely no doubt about it, this is because you can buy ingredients in bulk, freeze your leftovers, and, most importantly, spend less money eating out or nipping into the shops picking up random bits at premium prices for the ‘convenience’ – the one thing to remember is that you need the right meal prep containers or it will not be everything you thought it would be – trust us. 

Control your Portion Size

Restaurants for example frequently provide us portions that are larger than recommended, those handy prepared meals that you think are healthy are often packed with nasties and additives. When you meal prep, you know exactly what you are putting into your body.

Whether you are just busy or you are trying to lose weight, meal prepping is a great way to understand and track what you are putting in to achieve your goals.

Stress Less with Meal Prep

The single most frustrating thing that we as a team find at Benergy Meal Prep is deciding what to make for dinner at the last minute. You might think that this is okay, but anytime your body experiences stress there is a chemical reaction in your brain. So take that stress aaway and enjoy your evenings with meal prep for a stress free life.

Develop your Cooking Skills

Cooking and preparing is not for everyone and if it isn’t meal prep is a great way to save time and only do the mundane task once a week. However if you love cooking, meal prep is a great way to improve your skills and experiment with your cooking. Introducing new recipes with Benergy Meal Prep: Prep Made Easy

Fall In Love With Food Again

The ethos and that motive behind Benergy Meal Prep is ‘know exactly what you are putting in’, this is in terms of nutrition and in terms of improving your cooking. 

Food is the single greatest thing on this planet. Fresh, healthy meal prep can make you fall in love with food all over again, we aim to make a healthy lifestyle as easy as possible.

You’ll Motivate others

When you are sitting at your desk let’s say and you have to run to the cafe and grab a sandwich or a quick ready meal, there is nothing more motivating(annoying) than seeing Ben from Accounts eating a fresh and healthy meal (albeit annoying, you strive to be better).

When other people see you meal prepping and taking an interest in your health, naturally there is the motivation to make changes in their lifestyle as well.

At Benergy Meal Prep, we strive to motivate you to be the best version of you and to know exactly what you are putting in, both to your body and into your recipes.

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